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A collection of knowledge graph papers, codes, and reading notes.



A Survey on Knowledge Graphs: Representation, Acquisition and Applications. IEEE TNNLS 2021. Shaoxiong Ji, Shirui Pan, Erik Cambria, Pekka Marttinen, Philip S. Yu. [Paper]

Knowledge Graphs. Preprint 2020. Aidan Hogan, Eva Blomqvist, Michael Cochez, Claudia d’Amato, Gerard de Melo, Claudio Gutierrez, José Emilio Labra Gayo, Sabrina Kirrane, Sebastian Neumaier, Axel Polleres, Roberto Navigli, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Sabbir M. Rashid, Anisa Rula, Lukas Schmelzeisen, Juan Sequeda, Steffen Staab, Antoine Zimmermann. [Paper]

Knowledge Representation Learning: A Quantitative Review. Preprint 2018. Lin, Yankai and Han, Xu and Xie, Ruobing and Liu, Zhiyuan and Sun, Maosong. [Paper]

Knowledge graph embedding: A survey of approaches and applications. TKDE 2017. Wang, Quan and Mao, Zhendong and Wang, Bin and Guo, Li. [Paper]

Knowledge graph refinement: A survey of approaches and evaluation methods. Semantic Web 2017. Paulheim, Heiko. [Paper]

A review of relational machine learning for knowledge graphs. Proceedings of the IEEE 2015. Nickel, Maximilian and Murphy, Kevin and Tresp, Volker and Gabrilovich, Evgeniy. [Paper]

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General Knowledge Graphs


Domain-specific Data


OpenKG knowledge graphs about the novel coronavirus COVID-19

  • 新冠百科图谱 [链接] Knowledge graph from encyclopedia[Link]

  • 新冠科研图谱 [链接] Knowledge graph of COVID-19 research [Link]

  • 新冠临床图谱 [链接] Clinical knowledge graph [Link]

  • 新冠英雄图谱 [链接] Knowledge graph of people, experts, and heroes [Link]

  • 新冠热点事件图谱 [链接] Knowledge graph of public events [Link]

COVID❋GRAPH COVID-19 virus [Web]

KgBase COVID-19 knowledge graph [WebAcademic graphs

Entity Recognition


CORD-19, a comprehensieve named entity annotation dataset, CORD-NER, on the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19) corpus [Data]

Other Collections


Baidu BROAD datasets [Web]

ASER: A Large-scale Eventuality Knowledge Graph WWW 2020. Zhang et al. [Paper]

Libraries, Softwares and Tools


KRL Libraries


  • TypeDB, TypeDB Knowledge Graph Library (ML R&D)
  • AmpliGraph, Python library for Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs
  • OpenKE, An Open-Source Package for Knowledge Embedding (KE)
  • Fast-TransX, An Efficient implementation of TransE and its extended models for Knowledge Representation Learning
  • scikit-kge, Python library to compute knowledge graph embeddings
  • OpenNRE, An Open-Source Package for Neural Relation Extraction (NRE)
  • PyKEEN, 🤖 A Python library for learning and evaluating knowledge graph embeddings
  • 🍇 GRAPE, A Rust/Python library for Graph Representation Learning, Predictions and Evaluations

Knowledge Graph Database


akutan, A distributed knowledge graph store



Interactive APP


Knowledge graph APP, Simple knowledge graph applications can be easily built using JSON data managed entirely via a GraphQL layer. [Github] [Website]

Courses, Tutorials and Seminars




  • Stanford CS 520 Knowledge Graphs: How should AI explicitly represent knowledge? Vinay K. Chaudhri, Naren Chittar, Michael Genesereth. [Web]
  • Stanford CS 224W: Machine Learning with Graphs. Jure Leskovec. [Web]
  • University of Bonn: Analysis of Knowledge Graphs. Jens Lehmmann. [Web] [GitHub]
  • Knowledge Graphs. Harald Sack, Mehwish Alam. [Web]

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